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Next Nashoba Boad of Directors Meeting March 2nd at 7:00 pm in the Florence Sawyer Library - Please join us.
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We at Nashoba Youth Football & Cheer strive to instill a sense of accomplishment in every girl and boy who participates in our program. Children are taught what being a member of a team is all about and the importance of working together toward a common goal and to instill in them positive life lessons they will carry through their life. Football and cheering are very physically and mentally challenging sports that have huge rewards and life-long memories. We will make every effort to help your child have the very best experience possible and to teach them respect for themselves as well as their teammates. They will learn humility to aid in life’s everyday challenges they will face in growing up.
Nashoba Youth Football & Cheer is committed to helping our communities’ children be the very best young people that they can be.

Nashoba Youth Football & Cheer
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Agenda - March 2nd Meeting
NYFC Meeting Agenda  March 2, 2015   Secretary:    ...
2015 Board of Directors
NYFC would like to announce the 2015 Board of Directors   President: ...
Youth Night at Nashoba
Thank you to Nashoba Regional High School for hosting Youth Night...
Agenda - March 2nd Meeting

NYFC Meeting Agenda

 March 2, 2015


Secretary:     Shauna

  • Roll Call
  • January 30th meeting minutes approval

Treasurer’s Report:     Cheryl

  • Account Balance
  • Accountant needed

Football & Cheer: 

  • Review Budget for 2015
    • Cheer Budget – Denise  
    • Football Budget Updates – Dan  
  • 2014 Survey Results:  Dan
  •  Flag Football:   Dan
    • Season dates/time/location
    • Registration fee and date to open registration
    • Apparel
    • Signs, handouts, papers to get word out


CYMFFC Updates:  Dan & Denise


Open Items:

  • Informational night, getting word out to parents
  • Policy on funds on collection and holding of funds


Miscellaneous Items/Discussions:

  • Handout CORI Board Members CORI forms  to complete and return with copy of driver’ s license at next meeting
  • Next meeting date



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2015 Board of Directors

NYFC would like to announce the 2015 Board of Directors


President:  Dan Keough

Vice President:  Sheila Milioto

Treasurer : Cheryl Andronico

Secretary: Shauna Fitzgerald

Director of Football:  Mark Romasco

Director of Cheer:  Denise Boisoneault

Asst. Director of Cheer:  Kathy Elliott

Concession Manager:  Amy Sokolowski

Fundraising Coordinator:  Janet O'Shea

Scholastic Program Director:  Liz Leonard

Football Apparel Manager:  Maggie Bonazolli

Cheer Apparel Manager:  Elizabeth Campbell


Currently we are looking for 2 individuals to volunteer to help make the 2015 season a success.

  • Equipment Manager -  Maintain a master inventory of all equipment, as well as an individual accounting of all equipment issued to participants and coaches.
  • Flag Football Director - Organizing the upcoming Spring flag football season.


Finally we are in need of hiring a new accountant/tax preparer to prepare the leagues taxes.  If any of our league parents are able to help us out or can suggest someone please let us know as soon as possible.

Thank you.

NYFC Board


by posted 03/02/2015
Youth Night at Nashoba

Thank you to Nashoba Regional High School for hosting Youth Night during the varsity football game on October 10th.  NYFC players and cheerleaders had a great time.

Check out the pictures from the night courtesy of Eric Bachtell below!


by posted 10/14/2014
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