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We at Nashoba Youth Football & Cheer strive to instill a sense of accomplishment in every girl and boy who participates in our program. Children are taught what being a member of a team is all about and the importance of working together toward a common goal and to instill in them positive life lessons they will carry through their life. Football and cheering are very physically and mentally challenging sports that have huge rewards and life-long memories. We will make every effort to help your child have the very best experience possible and to teach them respect for themselves as well as their teammates. They will learn humility to aid in life’s everyday challenges they will face in growing up.
Nashoba Youth Football & Cheer is committed to helping our communities’ children be the very best young people that they can be.

Nashoba Youth Football & Cheer
Youth Night at Nashoba

Thank you to Nashoba Regional High School for hosting Youth Night during the varsity football game on October 10th.  NYFC players and cheerleaders had a great time.

Check out the pictures from the night courtesy of Eric Bachtell below!


by posted 10/14/2014
2014 Election of the NYFC Board of Directors
The 2015 Nashoba Youth Football and Cheer Elections of the Board of Directors


NYFC is a volunteered ran organizations and we need your help in making the 2014 football and cheer season a success.  We meet once a month and are looking for parents who want to make a difference in the program. 
All board positions are open to all members so if there is a position that you would like to volunteer for, please email Sheila Milioto, the current NYFC secretary, at  so that she can compile a Board of Director’s ballot for the meeting on Tuesday, January 30th.   

Listed Below is a brief descriptions of the duties of each board position:
The President will attend all CMYFCC meetings and will preside at all meetings of NYFC.  The President is
 responsible for the overall administration of NYFC.

Vice President:   
The VP is to assist the President.

League Representative:          
To assist VP and President.

To receive and safely keep all fund of NYFC, bookkeeping, financial status to board, filing annual tax reports and
bank deposits.  To maintain record keeping for registrations.  Collecting mail from Post Office box.

To keep the minutes of all proceedings and record the minutes as well as read the minutes at each board meeting. 
Also to notify all officers of their elections.

Director of Football:               
To nominate all head coaches for upcoming season as well as overseeing all coaches.  Will be required to form all
 teams for the upcoming seasons as well as coordinating paperwork.

Director of Cheer: 
To nominate all head coaches for upcoming season as well as overseeing all coaches. Will be required to form all
teams for the upcoming seasons as well as coordinating paperwork.

Equipment Manager:  
Equipment Managers to maintain a master inventory of all equipment, as well as an individual accounting of all
equipment issued to participants and coaches.

Concession Manager:  
Concessions Manager to handle all aspects related to concession stand sales for all home games.

Fundraising Coordinator:        
Fundraising Coordinator to manage all aspects of participant based fundraisers. 

Director of Publicity:    
To handle all aspects of communication with the media such as registrations, game/competition reports, web page

Scholastic Program Director: 
To verify that all scholastic forms are completed on time to AYF.  To nominate all qualifying participants to for
Academic Awards as well as to prepare high school senior scholarships to the NYFC board

Director of Apparel:
To handle all aspects related to NYFC apparel sales for NYFC.


by posted 12/05/2013
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