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Fall 2020 Competitive Schedule

  • Late September      Fun-Comp
  • October        Local Cheer Competition 
  • November     State Cheer Competition (U10, U12 & U14 if qualified)
  • Late November   Regional Cheer Competition  (U10, U12 & U14 if qualified)
  • December         National Cheer Comp (U10, U12 and U14 if qualified)
About Maynard/Nashoba Cheer 
The Nashoba Youth Cheer program is open to all girls and boys, between the ages of 4, as of July 30th, up to age 14 - who live in the towns of Lancaster, Bolton, Stow, Maynard & Harvard. Cheering is a fun and challenging sport.  As cheerleaders gain experience, it becomes competitive.  
Cheer teams participate in local, regional, State and National cheer competitions.  All teams participate in both the Central Mass "Fun Comp" where teams can premier their competitive routines in a fun environment, and Local competition, which is a qualifier for the State competition.  (Tiny Mites and D8 are required to compete in Fun Comp and Local competitions, but they are considered Exhibition teams and do not advance to State, Regional or National competitions).
Qualifying competitions for Division 10 and higher:
The top 5 team placements at the Central Mass Locals competition advance to States.
If a team places 1st or 2nd at the States competition, they advance to New England Regionals. 
If a NYFC team places 1st at the NE Regionals competition, they advance to Nationals in Florida.  
During the first two weeks of practice each squad focuses on conditioning and learning cheers, before any stunting is done.  As the season progresses we work on choreography and the competition is the main focus of the practices. Once choreography begins, practices are mandatory and can not be missed. In case of sickness or family emergency, team members (parents) should call their coach and let them know. Cheerleaders who commit to competitive teams are expected to attend all competitions. Teams learn routines before school starts and kids start having homework!  Once school begins, practice is held 2 to 3 times per week, based on age and competitive standing.
Football Games:
In addition to competitions, each cheer team is assigned to a football team schedule and cheers at football games on Sundays. Teams cheer at approximately 10 regular season Sunday games and if any football team advances to playoffs, then at playoff games too.  The first football game of the season is a fun time - called Jamboree, usually held in mid-August.
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