Updated Tuesday November 15, 2016 by NYFC.

It has been a GREAT season for the Chiefs! 
We want to thank everyone who helped to make it a success.  
We also wanted to announce all of our 2016 Raffle Ticket winners:


00698 Altongy Family Bolton MA

00924 David Mallette Lancaster MA

01285 Jaye Duncan Brookline NH


01394 Chris Rogers Stow MA 


00818 Jem Wheeler Bolton MA

00868 Jim Tremblay Stow MA

00859 Malone Duhaime

10/8/2016 + 10/9/016

00550 Shirley Hanson Clinton MA 

00142 Devon Thornberry Bolton MA 


00629 Gretz Family

01335 Lauren Basteri Lancaster MA

00747 Jamie Fontaine Lancaster MA 

Thank you to everyone who helped support our league!