2019 NYFC Board of Directors

UpdatedTuesday October 22, 2019 byNYFC.

The 2018 season is winding down and its time we start thinking about 2019! 
Would you like to get involved? The Board would love to have you join us! 
Please contact any current board member if you are interested in joining the team. There is always a position available!

2019 Current Board Members:

Position Name Email
Executive Board:    
President Susan Unger nyfcchiefs@gmail.com
Vice President Bill Sanger nyfcchiefs@gmail.com
Secretary Ben Cahill bjcahill77@gmail.com
Treasurer Chris Thornberry crthornberry@gmail.com
Director of Football Chris Hodges NYFCFootballDir@gmail.com
Director of Cheer open nyfcchiefs@gmail.com
Flex/Flag Coordinator Annie Polk bear2th@gmail.com
Co-Concessions Managers Sheila Mallette peekus66@yahoo.com
  Christine Burke christine_burke@comcast.net
EMT Chris Monahan mombo31@comcast.net
Auxiliary Board:    
Fundraising Co-Chairs Deb Williams bwilliams159@comcast.net
  Belinda Gagnon belindatg@aol.com
Scholastic Program Director Courtnay Cratty cfcratty@yahoo.com
Football Apparel Manager Kate Hodges k.hodges1233@hotmail.com
Cheer Apparel Coordinator open nyfcchiefs@gmail.com
Board Advisor
Parent Advisor    
Web Manager